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Short Game Description: Play Cyberstud Poker

In Cyberstud Poker it's you against the dealer! The object is to beat the dealer�s poker hand.

At the beginning of each game you are required to place an initial bet, known as an Ante. This amount appears on the Ante information box. You can change your Ante between games by clicking on the Increase and Decrease buttons. These are represented by either a (+) and (-) symbol, or an up and down arrow. You may use larger chip sizes by selecting the size you want from the Chip Size menu.

Once you have set your Ante, click the Deal button. You will be dealt a hand of five cards and the dealer one card. The rest of the dealer's cards will only be dealt after you have chosen to call of fold. If your hand consists of any valid poker combination, a label telling you what combination it is will appear next to the cards dealt to you. 

You can now choose to call or fold, by clicking the appropriate button.

If you fold, you will automatically lose your Ante and can start again. If you call an additional wager equal to double the Ante is required. This second wager is called your Bet and is automatically deducted from your balance when you click the Call button. If you do not have enough credits to make the Bet you will not be able to call. If you want to call you must purchase additional credits before completing this hand. Once you call the dealer's remaining four cards are dealt.

If the dealer�s hand does not have a rank of an Ace-King or higher, the dealer fails to qualify and the game is over. Your bet will be returned to you with double your Ante, irrespective of the value of your cards.

If the dealer�s hand does qualify, it is compared to your hand. If the dealer�s hand is higher, you will lose both your Ante and your Bet. If the dealer�s hand is lower, you will receive twice your Ante and you will be paid out on your Bet according to the payout schedule. The odds that your hand will pay out, as per the Payout Schedule, will be shown with the hand information displayed on screen during play.

If your hand and the dealer�s tie on rank, whoever has the next highest ranking card is the winner. If there is an absolute tie, you get all your money back.

Once the game is over, you will have the chance to change your Ante and begin again.

If you have not got enough credits to make an Ante and a Bet, the game buttons will gray out and you will have to purchase more credits to play.

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